Extracellular vesicles – all back to normal?

After almost two years of online meetings, the German Society for Extracellular Vesicles (gsev.org) was holding their autumn meeting in September 2021 in Freiburg. After a long period of distance, it finally felt good to meet like-minded scientists again. Yet, is all been back to normal? Surely not, and who knows what is about to come during next autumn.

At Trillium Extracellular Vesicles, we have sought reinforcement. From this issue onwards, the editorial team will be supported by the new Co-Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Julia Gross from the Health and Medical University Potsdam. Julia is a well known expert on extracellular vesicles and has already published several manuscripts in Trillium Extracellular Vesicles. She studied biology at the Goethe University Frankfurt a.M. and at the Universidad de Málaga (Spain). After research stays at the University of Perth (Australia) and Stanford University (USA), she received her doctorate in Frankfurt in 2009. From 2010 to 2015, she was a research associate at the German Cancer Research Center and the University of Heidelberg, and from 2015-2019 she was a junior research group leader at the University Medical Center Göttingen. Her network and expertise on extracellular vesicles will be highly beneficial to further develop this journal. Welcome Julia!

In the current issue, you will find a colourful mix of different types of contributions – ranging from research articles, to (mini-) reviews and technical notes – and various topics. We are taking an in-depths view on the biological function of extracellular vesicles and study topics such as tumour markers, parkinson’s, or heart tissue. We are very happy to welcome several new authors, but also some old dogs who balance the current issue well.

And as usual, our Meet the Researcher section will allow a small peephole view into the scientific and daily life of Prof. Dave Carter. Without the constant effort of authors and reviewers in writing and constructively evaluating the manuscripts, this journal would not have been feasible. As always, a big thanks goes to the Trillium Publisher team, without whom it would have been impossible to continue this journal – we feel privileged to be part of this team!

We wish everyone an exciting and insightful read!

Julia Gross
Gregor Fuhrmann