New topic, new journal, new research


Cells need to communicate with each other to exchange information and fulfil their physiological role. In addition to direct cell-to-cell contact and the exchange of certain soluble factors, there is a third route of information transfer, which has recently received significant attention - extracellular vesicles. These small, nanometer-sized particles are responsible for the exchange of small and large molecules between cells and tissues, and thus affect our body in many ways. In the past years, researchers have asked many fundamental and applied questions to better understand this process. And because many of these questions in this exciting field of research are still open, we decided to publish a new journal - Trillium Extracellular Vesicles.
As the editor-in-chief of this magazine, I am delighted to introduce you to the topic of extracellular vesicles (EVs).

We are the German Society for Extracellular Vesicles (GSEV), a national society founded in 2017 which aims at fostering EV research in Germany and internationally. In this first issue of Trillium Extracellular Vesicles, we have compiled an overview on current EV research. The review articles are ranging from a broad introduction and an overview on current isolation and characterization methods, to the fundamental role of EVs in tumour and developmental biology, the application of EVs as therapeutic tools, and their analyses using advanced flow cytometry methods, and finally the EV role in trans-kingdom communication. In addition, we are providing an overview on GSEV and other national EV societies to further foster transnational collaboration.   

This journal brings together several authors from science and clinics, from junior scientists to established researchers, from biologists to physicians. It illustrates very well how diverse the field of EVs is. Our goal is to inspire natural scientists, medical doctors and laboratory physicians for the new world of EVs. New ideas, new projects, new collaborations are to be created and will enable all of us to better understand EVs.

I hope you enjoy reading this journal as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Special thanks go to all authors who have contributed and made the journal to what you are holding in your hands - a vivid introduction to the EV field. I am grateful to all reviewers and members of the Advisory Board, who have helped me with the selection of authors and the revision of all articles. Warm thanks go to Tobias Tertel and Michel Bremer (Essen), who did a perfect job at designing all figures including our first front cover. Finally
yet importantly, I am indebted to the
Trillium Publisher team, without whom it would have been impossible to put this journal on its feet.

I wish everyone an exciting read and hope to see you again at an upcoming
EV symposium!

Gregor Fuhrmann