Aliquot STARline

The Aliquot STARline offers an outstanding solution for the pre-processing of primary blood sample tubes. By automating the processes of opening and closing primary and secondary tubes and aliquoting the samples, you can reduce your workload to a minimum and increase your efficiency.


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Clinical NGS STARlet

The Clinical NGS STARlet is a liquid handler for automated library preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS). It enables the simultaneous processing of up to 24 samples, which, with IVDR approval, enables efficient and precise molecular diagnostics in clinical applications.


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Dual MassSTAR

The Dual MassSTAR is a state-of-the-art and fully automated platform for LC-MS sample preparation. This innovative system integrates two different purification processes (i.e. protein precipitation and solid-phase extraction) in a single platform, and it features a variety of standardized and validated workflows specifically tailored for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) and Drugs of Abuse (DoA) testing.


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easyBlood STARline

The easyBlood STARline automates the tedious work of blood sample fractionation. Plasma, buffy coat, and erythrocytes are reliably and efficiently detected by a camera system and then accurately aliquoted into the desired secondary containers, using proven Hamilton pipetting technology.


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Hamilton’s Monitored Multi-Flow Positive Pressure Evaporative Extraction module, or [MPE]2 ™, is an all-in-one automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) device. Compact, versatile, and affordable, [MPE]2 ™ is perfect for applications requiring positive pressure extraction, evaporation, or reagent dispensing.


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Hamilton – Trusted for standardizing clinical workflows

Hamilton Company has been a leading global manufacturer for more than 60 years, specialized in the development, manufacturing, and customization of precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems.

Developed and manufactured according to our high-quality standards, clinical laboratories can rely on our workstations and sample storage systems to achieve optimal processing time, highest process and sample safety to mitigate risk, and comply with regulatory requirements.


Your sample is safe in our hands.


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