Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is a world leader in delivering custom nucleic acid products. Based in Coralville, Iowa, IDT provides solutions for life sciences and medical research, serving the academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical research, and agricultural research communities. IDT’s NGS products are a critical part of research studies on viral genomics, oncology research, inherited and infectious diseases, biomarkers, and other types of genomic applications. NGS starts here.


What is xGen™ Next Generation Sequencing?

xGen NGS represents our commitment to accelerating your next breakthrough. Uncover a comprehensive, flexible range of solutions designed to help you sequence samples and generate research data you never thought you could.


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Whole genome sequencing

Succeeding in your whole genome sequencing (WGS) research is critical to improving the lives of all living things—today and well into the future. With our xGen whole genome sequencing solutions, you can accelerate your research.

xGen™ NGS—made to reach.


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Whole exome sequencing

Tomorrow’s cancer research breakthroughs are on the horizon. xGen NGS for whole exome sequencing includes offerings for routine and difficult samples, both designed to minimize efforts while maintaining key data metrics and positioning your research for limitless potential.

xGen™ NGS—made limitless.


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Targeted DNA sequencing

For nearly 30 years, IDT has been by your side as the global leader in oligonucleotide synthesis. Targeted DNA sequencing extends this commitment across a broad range of custom or ready-made solutions to help you reach the next phase of your research with consistency and reliability.

xGen™ NGS—made to work.


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Targeted methyl sequencing

From epigenetics to evolutionary conservation, many of today’s methylation sequencing needs are complex, time-intensive, and potentially costly. Partner with xGen NGS to accelerate your methyl sequencing projects with enhanced data outputs.

xGen™ NGS— made to differentiate.


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Whole transcriptome sequencing

In today’s competitive genomics landscape, RNA sequencing will help you quickly achieve your desired results. Our xGen RNA sequencing product offerings cover a wide range of diverse inputs while maintaining predictable outputs, efficiencies, and coverage metrics.

xGen™ NGS—made to differentiate.


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SARS-CoV-2 sequencing

When it mattered most, xGen COVID-19 NGS solutions enabled researchers to sequence the SARS-CoV-2 genome and its variants. As the era of genomics medicine takes hold, you can count on xGen NGS to continue providing innovative solutions for viral variant identification, tracking, and surveillance.

xGen™ NGS—made for COVID-19 research.


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Targeted RNA sequencing

Targeted RNA sequencing with exome, custom, or predesigned hyb capture panels has high mapping, on-target percentage, and low duplication rates. Targeted RNA sequencing decreases intronic and intergenic reads to focus your data on exonic sequences.

xGen™ NGS—made for targeted RNA sequencing.


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